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Animate a Face

Learn how to create believeable facial animation with this 2-CD set, which contains 3.5 hours of high-resolution, fully-narrated video. Topics discussed include:

  • Observation and planning
  • Animation for eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, and mouth, designed around a short sample clip
  • Application of traditional animation principles to facial animation
  • Detailed lip-sync demonstrations using both 3D and 2D mouth designs
  • Facial rigging and animation techniques specific to each design

While Animation:Master was used to demonstrate these concepts, the topics discussed can be applied to facial animation in any package. Very few program-specific tools are used.

Sold Out!

No more copies of the original run are available at this time. I'm working to find a new distribution option, and hope to make this set available for purchase some time in the future. Stay tuned!