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07/14/09 - The "Animate a Face" CD set is sold out! I hope to make it available again in the future, though, so stay tuned for more details.

06/01/09 - Yet another update to tweenMachine. This one fixes a bug related to character set support. If you don't use character sets, you don't necessarily need to get this update.

03/27/09 - A long-overdue update to tweenMachine was just published. It now supports the special tick color for Maya 200X versions.

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10/28/08 - Thanks to some hackers, I've had to rebuild the site from scratch. Some parts won't be available immediately until I can ensure that all potential security issues have been addressed. My apologies for the inconvenience.

8/23/08 - You can now purchase "Animate a Face" directly from its info page!

8/18/07 - Added a version of the Puss in Boots shot with titles, along with the anim stages breakdown for that shot.

7/25/07 - Updated the animation page, removing several old files and adding a new clip from our work on marketing materials for Shrek the Third. Updated the credits page to add newer projects.

5/16/07 - Sorry about the odd look of the home page for the past day or so. I've been fiddling with things on the back end, and was in the middle of a fiddle when I uploaded, and somehow didn't check the result before doing so. Silly me...

1/31/07 - Removed the audio page. Nothing has happened with it in a long time, it's only marginally relevant to the core of this site, and I've got other plans for some of its contents, so it's going bye-bye until further notice.

9/26/06 - Added a page to show the stages of animation for the BOZ teaser DVD shot.

9/21/06 - Added a couple Everyone's Hero clips to the animation page. One is from the film, the other is a fun rig-exploration test from pre-production.

9/17/06 - My buddy Keith Lango made a spiffy shelf button icon for the tweenMachine. It has been added to the Zip file for new downloads, and also as a separate file on the tweenMachine page if you already have the rest. Thanks, Keith!

9/12/06 - tweenMachine version 2.02 is available. It now works with the "special" tick color in Maya 7 and higher. Oh, and you don't have to source it any more.

8/30/06 - tweenMachine version 2.01 is available. In addition to fixing some small bugs, I added a couple features that make it more useful for folks who use Maya's character sets.

8/20/06 - tweenMachine version 2.00 is here! Too much new stuff to say here (and I'm way too tired), so head on over to the script's page to check out the details.

7/12/06 - Updated the tweenMachine MEL script to v1.10. Now if there are channels selected in the channel box, it will only operate on those selected channels.

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